Sauaslito, California – Monthly Market Snapshot

The video above shows the continued strength of the Sausalito housing market. A combination of low inventory and high demand has resulted in a strong market for the first half of 2012. Watch the video above and learn about the current state of the Sausalito market.

The Town of Sausalito

Sausalito homes offer the best views of San Francisco in the Bay Area. Stroll along the bay front promenade on a weekend, and you’ll hear the languages of visitors who come to Sausalito from all over the world. They come for its huge fall art festival, its hidden walks, its funky houseboat colonies, its seafood, and a view that can rival anything on the French Riviera. Come during a weekday and you’ll have it all to yourself.

A block away on Caledonia Street, the true Sausalito begins. Here you can find a pleasant park, the local library, and 333 Caledonia-a warehouse-sized art gallery that boasts a standing-room only reading series. Food runs the gamut from Sushi Ran, which consistently takes top honors for best sushi in the bay area, to Smitty’s where the bartender knows you by your name, and the kitchen serves up a delicious and unpretentious cheeseburger and fries.

Increasingly, Sausalito is home to new media and green tech entrepreneurs who have traded in the Silicon Valley commute for a walk to headquarters along the Marinship Waterfront. Located just over the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito boasts quick access to the city, by car, bus and bike. Perhaps the best way to commute to San Francisco may be by Golden Gate Ferry, which is as much fun, and cheaper, than an E Ticket ride at Disneyworld.