How Do We Price Property?

Price is one of the most significant factors potential buyers consider when looking at a property. You do not want your valuable investment to be either under-priced or over-priced – but how do you know what is appropriate? How can you tell what the market will respond to? As your Pacific Union agent, I will help you realize the optimum value for your property.

Our Associate Will

  • Prepare and review a comparable market analysis. This will help determine a pricing strategy for your property.
  • Our associate may recommend obtaining certain inspection reports prior to marketing and review the impact they have on pricing.
  • Provide you with a Seller’s Cost (or Net) Sheet that projects the approximate costs of sale.
  • Provide you with updates of market activity in a format that works best for you. This includes:
    1. Newly available comparable properties.
    2. Recent sales of any comparable properties.
    3. Price reductions on available comparables properties.
    4. Expired or canceled listings of comparable properties.
    5. Communication from other sales agents and potential purchasers.
  • Outline your options and make recommendations based on market conditions and your personal situation.
  • Review the pricing strategy as needed