From Acceptance of Contract to Closing of Sale

During this time (typically between 30 and 60 days), Our associate will be there to assist you in handling crucial details so that deadlines are met in order to bring your transaction to a smooth, successful close.

Our Associate Will

  • Verify that escrow has been established, deliver a real time calendar of events, and monitor contingency periods and inspections.
  • Attend inspections as practical or at your request.
  • Strategize with you as to the results of the preliminary title search upon receipt and per contract guidelines.
  • To the extent possible, monitor the purchaser’ loan to review that the process is running smoothly.
  • Provide you with timely updates on the status of the closing process.
  • At your direction, actively market the property through the contingency period and beyond based on market conditions.
  • Provide you with copies of all documents executed by both parties which are received by me.
  • Offer you an opportunity to evaluate the services you received via a post-transaction survey from an independent company named Quality Service Certification.