Closing the Sale on Your New Property

As exciting as it can be to find a property, there is work to be done to ensure it’s everything the seller says it is. Our associate will advise you on the potential pitfalls or inspection issues that may arise at this stage of the process, and Our associate will help guide you throughout the closing process.

Our Associates Will

  • Monitor the status and satisfaction of all contract contingencies and assist you in any further negotiations with the seller. Throughout the closing period, Our associate will provide you with regular progress updates.
  • Provide you with a list of professionals or vendors who perform the services and/or inspections recommended in the Buyers Inspection Advisory.
  • Deliver and/or communicate to you, in a timely manner, any disclosures, materials or information that has been received by me and that could materially affect your decision to complete the purchase.
  • Schedule property inspections and attend inspections if practical or instructed by you, as well as any subsequent meetings or appointments with the professionals of your choice.
  • Discuss your options based on inspection results.
  • Monitor your loan approval process, if you request. Our associate will coordinate the appraisal of the property and, if appropriate, provide access and assistance to the appraiser.
  • Advise you on your options should problems arise with any part of the escrow process from loan, to title, to property inspections and assist in renegotiating the contract if necessary.
  • Accompany you on a property walk-through inspection before closing as provided for in the contract. Contact you after the closing to confirm the completion of all the details.
  • Provide you with an opportunity to evaluate the services you received via a post-transaction survey from an independent company named Quality Service Certification.