Because Marin is such a unique market, with distinct neighborhoods, lifestyles and climates, hyper-local knowledge is a must. As a Marin native and resident, I can help you narrow your choices and find the perfect home at the best price. Here are the top three things every buyer needs to consider before jumping into the market:

Top 3 Buyer Needs

  1. Expectation Setting: Finding a home is a process of elimination. What you don’t want is sometimes more important than what you do want. What are your non-negotiables and what can you live without? Marin is a very unique market, in which hyper-local knowledge is necessary to narrow your choices and define your priorities.
  2. Towns, Living and Lifestyles: Every town and enclave in Marin is unique – from the weather, commutes, schools and demographics, to the lifestyle and vibe of each neighborhood. Because the weather is so pleasant here, outdoor living takes on a much larger role in home selection. Amazing outdoor spaces can make up for a lack of square footage when you consider how much time you’ll spend outside, particularly if you enjoy walking, biking, hiking or sailing. There are extensive systems of bike paths and trails located throughout Southern Marin, which is uniquely located between the San Francisco bay and Mt. Tam.
  3. Home Values: While most of the country suffered from the recent financial crisis, Marin Home prices remained fairly consistent overall. Some neighborhoods fared better than others. Detailed market data combined with hyper-local knowledge will help you determine which homes will hold and gain Market value over the long run.

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Every seller wants the same thing when they are selling their home: the best price at the best terms. I can help you prepare your home and strategize your timing, pricing and marketing plan to get the highest possible price. Here are the top five things every seller needs to consider before putting their home on the market:

Top 5 Seller Needs

  1. Importance of staging and first impressions: It’s more important than you think to neutralize your home before you sell it. Every potential buyer should be able to envision his/her things and lifestyle in the space and they should not be distracted by your things. Less is more – leave only the bare minimum when it comes to furniture and accessories. It should leave a suggestion of a lifestyle but not an impression.
  2. Timing Strategy: Know when to put your home on the market to demand the highest price. Consider weather, school schedules, holidays and comparables when choosing the ideal time to sell. You can get the highest possible price and best terms by creating scarcity.
  3. Pricing Strategy: The hardest job of a real estate agent is removing the emotion from pricing a home. Many factors go into the pricing equation, including: comparables, neighborhood, timing and unique characteristics of each property. If you look at the statistics, homes that are overvalued when they go on the market typically spend longer on the market and end up selling far less than asking than if it had been priced correctly. It is always better to price your home right the first time to avoid frustration and disappointment in the long run.
  4. Marketing Strategy: First impressions are so important when marketing your home. Everything including staging, marketing materials, web pages and open houses are essential to creating a comprehensive marketing plan and selling at the highest possible price.
  5. After-Sale Plan: Know when you’re leaving, where you’re going and how you’ll get there after you sell your home. In today’s inventory constrained market, well-priced homes sell faster than you think. You need to be prepared for any scenario.

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