21 Reasons Marin County Is The Most Beautiful County

1. Sunrises.


Flickr: arrighi / Creative Commons

2. The view of the Bridge from the Headlands.

The view of the Bridge from the Headlands.

Flickr: opusbloo / Creative Commons

3. Except for when it gets shy.

Except for when it gets shy.

Flickr: pwinker / Creative Commons

Which is also still very beautiful.

4. The Headlands in general.

The Headlands in general.

Flickr: l1mey / Creative Commons

5. The houseboats of Sausalito.

The houseboats of Sausalito.

Flickr: miwok /Creative Commons

6. Muir Woods.

Muir Woods.

Flickr: jasontoff / Creative Commons

7. The Muir Beach Overlook.

The Muir Beach Overlook.

Flickr: flannobrien / Creative Commons

8. The view up the coast.

The view up the coast.

Flickr: josecamoessilva / Creative Commons

9. Cataract Falls.

Cataract Falls.

Flickr: jarcher / Creative Commons

10. The view of Tam from the Bay.

The view of Tam from the Bay.

Flickr: 34186459@N00 / Creative Commons

11. The top of the mountain.

The top of the mountain.

Flickr: johnny4ever5 / Creative Commons

12. The view of the City.

The view of the City.

Flickr: thenickster / Creative Commons

Hey girl hey San Francisco!

13. Ridgecrest.


Flickr: tahitipix / Creative Commons

14. And the watershed.

And the watershed.

Flickr: katarokkar / Creative Commons

15. Stinson Beach.

Stinson Beach.

Flickr: johnjoh / Creative Commons

16. The cows of West Marin.

The cows of West Marin.

Flickr: kiltron / Creative Commons

17. And their friends, the chickens.

And their friends, the chickens.

Flickr: nourishingourchildren / Creative Commons

18. Point Reyes.

Point Reyes.

Flickr: jackfrench / Creative Commons

19. That one abandoned boat.

That one abandoned boat.

Flickr: wyattwalter / Creative Commons

20. The Civic Center.

The Civic Center.

Flickr: arrighi / Creative Commons

a.k.a Gattaca.

21. Sunsets.


Flickr: esmitt / Creative Commons


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